Brightstar Development Group creates and develops easy to use business productivity and project driven software and mobile apps by utilizing our creative and artistic capacity for building efficient technology for functional and useful purposes.

Company Profile

Brightstar Development Group (BDG) is based in Encino, California. Brightstar owns an umbrella of companies consisting of Beachwood Builders (a general construction company), Aspectmedia (a multimedia services company), and Kaiyode Software (a mobile app company). Brightstar is monetized by its successful companies, and is looking to further develop software content through its creation and marketing of easy to use, project driven, productivity and utility software, and mobile apps for both business and consumer use. We are using our thirty years of business experience to grow our company and increase profitability.

Brightstar is currently developing services to create and develop business productivity software for the building industry. Business operations suddenly become easier to run, less time-consuming to operate, and easier to manage, creating the capacity for higher profit and growth potential. Brightstar’s focus is creating ‘out of the box’ as well as custom business solutions; business software for improved organization, and streamlined operations with the latest software programming tools (Java, C++, FileMaker Pro, SWIFT). Beachwood Builders’ diverse group of subcontractors have provided the impetus for Brightstar to create functional and easy to use business software with the construction subcontractor in mind. We also develop software for the security, travel, medical, gaming and sports industries.
Brightstar is operated by Bertha Trevino (B.S. Business Management, M.A. Intl. Relations/Law, Entrepreneur) and Bill Bowles (Apple trained developer, programmer Builder, Entrepreneur), as its principal owners, along with software engineer, Chris Bowles (B.S. and M.S. Computer Science).

Revenue for the last seven years since 2009 has averaged only $358,000.00, attributed in large part to clients hesitancy to green light project proposals fearing recession and slow economic recovery. Growth has been rebounding in 2016 with renewed client confidence. Our goal this year has been to maximize growth potential through the efforts of participation in the SBA’s Emerging Leaders program, and through the development of this strategic growth plan. Our growth focus is directed toward software and mobile app development, marketing of existing product offerings, and continued creation new and ongoing content to bring to market.

Brightstar intends to soar past this revenue average. Indeed, our forecasted growth of 100% in revenue ($224K to $448K) from 2015 to 2016, has nearly been accomplished as of Third Quarter ($413K) this year. Financial capital for growth is our current priority and requirement, as it will ensure the projected success and growth of this company. Additionally, future growth plans for Brightstar also lie in the pursuit of government contract projects in the coming years for Brightstar, a minority, woman owned, small business. The future looks bright as this company continues pursuit of its multi business activities and technology push in the coming years.